Money Back Guarantee

Each of the following capitalized terms shall be interpreted the same way as specified in terms of Use if it is not specified differently. A specific amount of options is provided for you to ask for the money you paid for an Order back (to receive a refund). Only the original payment source can receive a refund of the payment. In order to qualify for a refund, the below-stated rules must be strictly observed.

Before the first preview version of the Paper is delivered to you and approved by you, you may qualify for the following types of refunds, regardless of when you annul your Order and ask for your money back:

100% refund is available:

  • for Orders on which a payment mistake occurred (for example, a payment for identical Orders, double payment for the same Order…). Such an occurrence must be reported to the Support Team at once. A full refund in such a case will only be possible if the writer hasn’t initiated the work on the Order yet;
  • if no acceptable writer was found for your Order. In such a case, you will be directly contacted by our support team, who will initiate the refund;
  • if the Ordered paper is no longer needed due to the delayed delivery of the Order. In such a case, none of the completed Papers will be sent to you. The right to use any of the already completed materials will not be granted to you.

70% refund is available:

  • if you intend to annul the Order you placed after we assigned a writer to work on it and under 50% of the deadline has passed. If the writer has already initiated the work on your Order, this obliges us to compensate the writer for the work or a part of it that has already been done.

50% refund is available:

  • if we are unable to provide you with a writer for a revision;
  • if you decide to annul your Order after we have assigned the writer and over 50% of the deadline has run out. We will need to compensate the writer for the amount of work done.

If you initiate the refund process, it means that any rights included in our Terms of Use and Copyright License must be terminated immediately. When a revision has been requested, this implies your general acceptance of the Order and means that only minor changes are necessary for the completed material. If such is the case, a 100% refund will not be applicable if the revision of the paper was asked for at least once.


In the event of lateness with the revision, your refund amount shall be calculated by our Customer Experience Manager and cannot exceed 50% of the initial cost of the Order. Refunds are not offered in any of the following scenarios:

  • Money from your accumulated Store Credit Balance;
  • When the Quality Assurance staff acknowledges that the initial Order instructions were followed;
  • VAT;
  • When you fail to adhere to the Terms of Use of our Website;
  • Discounts, discounts, and Optional Services such as VIP Customer Service, Plagiarism Reports, etc.;
  • Orders that have already been approved by you via the “Approve” button;
  • Problem-Solving and Multiple Choice Questions Orders. By using the provided answers by the writer, you automatically accept the Order. If the submitted answers are less than 50% correct, you may be entitled to partial credit, with the amount being determined by our Customer Experience Manager on an individual basis.

Cooling-Off Period

Under certain conditions, customers may cancel their Order within fourteen (14) days (“Cooling-Off Refund Period”) after it was accepted. After this period, no refund can be requested. Nevertheless, customers are still eligible for a refund if they contact us before the end of the Cooling-Off Refund Period.

In such cases, customers will be given a complete refund provided that the writer had not yet started working on their Order before the period expired and they contacted us promptly. On the other hand, if some work has already been done by the time of cancellation, customers must still pay for it.

Refunds will be issued within sixteen (16) days after the date of cancellation and in the same way as customers paid for their Order unless we decide otherwise.