Quality Evaluation Policy

Our MyNursingPaper.net team strives to provide top-notch quality and assistance for all your academic needs. However, if any unanticipated issues arise, we are eager to make up for the unsatisfactory experience.

In order to ensure customer satisfaction with their orders, we have created a Quality Evaluation procedure run by our experienced Customer Experience Managers. To benefit from efficient and prompt service, we suggest that you contact us directly to initiate the Quality Evaluation procedure instead of going through the payment system. This process is straightforward and involves only a few steps.

What do I do if I'm not satisfied with the quality of the paper I received?

Send the order for a revision.

  • Make sure to indicate specific instructions as to what you would like the writer to revise.
  • If you still see that after the revision, the initial writer of the order is not delivering what you are looking for, then:

Ask for a different writer.

  • Be sure to clearly indicate what should be revised and improved by the new writer.
  • If you think it will be easier for them to write the paper from scratch, let us know.

Ask for Quality Evaluation.

  • In case you do not need or want a new paper but can prove that the final version delivered to you is unacceptable, ask Customer Support to send the order for Quality Evaluation.

What does Quality Evaluation mean?

Quality Evaluation is a procedure held between our Customer Experience Manager and yourself regarding possible refund/credit or any other compensation for the unsatisfactory experience encountered.

When do I qualify for Quality Evaluation?

You are eligible for Quality Evaluation when the order has been delivered to you but is unsatisfactory, and a revision will not help. Also, if you have approved the paper but can provide official proof of plagiarism from reliable detection software, then you qualify.

Before initiating the Quality Evaluation process, make sure to read our Terms of Use.

What are the steps to send my order for Quality Evaluation?

  • Inform our Customer Support Representative about the problem with your order.
  • Look through the automatically generated message and confirm that you would like to initiate the Quality Evaluation process with your Customer Experience Manager.

How long will Quality Evaluation take?

The Customer Experience Manager shall provide a resolution for your order within 14 days from the moment your order was set on status.

Is there any way to Get My Order in Time and Avoid Quality Evaluation?

  • Quickly authorize your payment to limit possible delays with your order. The writer can only begin work after authorization is complete.
  • Send an outline of what you expect so that the writer has a clear understanding of what you are requesting.
  • Utilize the "Preferred Writer" option to select a writer you have previously worked with, whose work you were pleased with. This will ensure that the writing style is consistent across your orders.
  • For non-urgent orders, check messages and notifications from Customer Support daily. If your order is urgent, check it hourly and provide timely comments and replies. Good communication is key to creating a high-quality product. If you want to be notified via SMS, add the VIP Service Extra to your order.
  • Provide instructions with as much detail as possible, and the same goes for revision instructions. The writer will be better able to update the paper in the way you need it if they have a clear understanding of what needs to be done or changed.
  • If Customer Support does not provide sufficient help with your issue, contact our manager directly at [email protected].