Revision Policy

All terms and definitions outlined below are in accordance with those set out in the Terms of Use unless otherwise specified.

At, we strive to provide you with top-quality assistance delivered promptly. Should you find that the finished Paper does not follow your requirements, our team is ready to revise it. You may make up to three free revisions, provided that the following conditions are met.


We will ask our writer to carry out the necessary modifications as long as they do not conflict with your original instructions. If, however, our Quality Assurance Department finds that these initial requirements have been met, then the revision request shall be declined.


To send a revision request, use the “Send for revision” button available on the order page in your account before you approve the Order. Make sure to review your completed Paper carefully before sending it back for revision.

If at any point after approval of the Order you need a free revision, then contact our Customer Support Representative and supply detailed revision directions as well as an appropriate timeframe. If a suitable duration is not given, it will be impossible to revise the Order.


You may ask for a revision before you accept the Order. However, even after approving your Order, you can still apply for free revisions within 7 days. If more than 20 pages were ordered, you can request a revision within 14 days after accepting the Order. If the initial deadline given for your Order was met and the Paper delivered to you on time, then it will be regarded as having been delivered in a timely manner.

Number of Revisions

If your instructions meet all terms described above, our team will do up to three free revisions of the Order. When submitting the Paper for revision, you may include as many instructions as you deem necessary.

In case your request does not conform to the conditions given above, a new order must be placed. This new Order should clearly state what changes or updates are desired in your Paper.

Remember that after receiving the latest version of the Order, you have 7 days to give your approval. If no response is heard from you within this period, then the Order will be assumed to have been accepted automatically.